Register of Deeds
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Register of Deeds
P.O. Box 609
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Iron Mountain, MI  49801
Phone:  (906) 774-0955
Fax:  (906) 774-4660

Recording Documents
Click on the above link to find the State of Michigan recording requirements. 


Searching for Documents
You may conduct a search for documents yourself in person, or request a simple search be conducted by one of the Deputy Register of Deeds using an owner’s name or legal land description of the property.  A simple search performed by a Deputy Register of Deeds will provide the most current recorded document.
You will need:
The legal land description (NOT street address) of the property, The legal land description can be found:
on the tax bill for the property, or from the city or township where the property is located
For more in depth searches, you will need to contact a local title Company or an independent title searcher. 

Search Fees:

Tract Index Fee = $6.25 per 15 min.
$5 /search for property purchased and recorded after 1994
UCC Searches = $6.00 per debtor name 
Tax lien search =  (State/Federal) = $3.00 /debtor name

Pick on the above link to read on How this process works and for the MICHIGAN AND DICKINSON COUNTY TRANSFER TAX EXEMPTIONS.

Requesting Copies of Recorded Documents
To request a copy of a recorded document you will need the liber & page number which can be found on the recorded document.  If you don’t know the liber & page number, you will need to have a search conducted (See above).
Photocopies:                                        $1.00 per page
Certified Copies:                                  $5.00 per document  
UCC & Tax lien search  copies        $2.00 per page
There is a $5 minimum fee to use a charge card.

Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax:
                        $100-49,999         $50,000-100,000

Subdivision Plat Maps
  Note:  Plat books for Dickinson County can be purchased in person at the County Treasurer’s office or through the mail at the MSU Extension Office.

What do we do?
The Register of Deeds Office is the place where people record documents relating to land transactions.

Different types of deeds as well as land contracts, mortgages, liens, surveys, land corners and lease agreements are recorded at the Register of Deeds Office. The Register of Deeds Office also has copies of plats and corner records.

After a document is recorded, it becomes a public record, which can be reviewed or copied by any person.  The Register of Deeds Office does not keep the original documents; instead, the transaction is recorded in a book, called a "liber", which is stamped on the deed or document.  A copy or image of the document is then made for permanent record.


This office DOES NOT PREPARE DOCUMENTS and DOES NOT ANSWER LEGAL QUESTIONS.  Please contact an attorney if you need legal assistance.
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